2 EMS workers charged with first-degree murder in Illinois

Two EMS workers in Illinois are facing first-degree murder charges after a patient died in their care last month, according to the Springfield Police Department. Dan

Wright, the Sangamon County State's Attorney, charged Peggy Finley and Peter Cadigan for the death of an Illinois man on Dec. 18, 2022, according to criminal complaints.

The EMS workers were responding to a call for assistance with a patient "suffering from hallucinations due to alcohol withdrawal," the Springfield Police Department said in a

statement.MORE: FDNY paramedic who responded to 9/11 to be laid to rest after slaying Finley can be heard yelling at the man, who identified himself as Earl Moore, to sit

up and to "quit acting stupid" in the newly released bodycam video. Video also shows Finley telling Moore, 35, "We ain't carrying you" and "I am seriously not in the mood

for this dumb [stuff]," using an expletive in his remark, before eventually strapping the patient to a stretcher "in a prone position," the police department said.

According to a press release from the Springfield police, officers attempted to provide Moore care after the EMS workers "acted indifferently to the patient's condition."

A representative for LifeStar Ambulance Service, Inc., which employs Finley and Cadigan, told ABC News "no comment," regarding the ongoing investigation. Bodycam footage

additionally shows police officers attempting to help Moore out of the house and onto the stretcher.