3 No-Brainer Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2023

During the previous long bull market, dividends were an afterthought for many investors. Their focus was solely on growth.  It's a different environment today. More

investors now realize just how important dividends can be. Dividends boost total returns. They also pay you while you wait for stocks to rebound.  There are lots of great

dividend stocks out there. Some really stand out, though. Here are three no-brainer dividend stocks to buy in 2023. 1. Chevron Chevron (NYSE: CVX) has long been a favorite

for dividend investors. And for good reason. The oil and gas giant has increased its dividend for 35 years and is likely to soon extend that streak. Chevron's dividend yields over

3.2%. Investors have enjoyed strong growth in addition to this attractive dividend over the last couple of years. The momentum that began in late 2020 is still going.

Chevron stock has soared nearly 40% over the last 12 months. These good times could continue to roll. Although oil prices have declined in recent months, several top

analysts think that a bull market is coming for oil in 2023. If they're right, it will almost certainly provide a solid catalyst for Chevron stock. Even if this oil bull

market doesn't materialize, Chevron still looks like a smart pick. The demand for fossil fuels is likely to continue growing despite the transition to renewable energy sources.

Chevron is also investing heavily in carbon capture, a market that could present a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity over the next few decades.