5 Takeaways From Netflix's Earnings

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) had a lot of good news for investors when it reported its fourth-quarter earnings results. The streaming leader produced subscriber growth that

was much better than expected, adding 7.66 million net new subscribers. It added subscribers across every region. Those subscribers helped generate $7.85 billion in revenue for

the quarter, in line with expectations. Although earnings fell short, in part due to currency headwinds, investors were very pleased with the results. But investors must

always look forward, and there are a lot of important takeaways from the earnings report. Here are five of the biggest. 1. A new co-CEO Reed Hastings is stepping down from

his role as co-CEO after leading the company for 23 years. Greg Peters, the former head of product and chief operating officer, will replace Hastings, co-leading the

business with Ted Sarandos. Sarandos was promoted to co-CEO in 2020 and still heads the content business. Peters has been instrumental in standing up and rolling out

Netflix's new ad-supported tier in the three quarters since management made a surprise announcement during its first-quarter earnings call last year. He says investors shouldn't

expect any big changes in how he leads the company compared to how things worked under Hastings. The three -- Peters, Sarandos, and Hastings -- have worked closely for a long

time. The move should help keep Peters' talent at Netflix for some time.  2. $3 billion in free cash flow this year Management expects free cash flow to climb

higher this year on the back of solid revenue growth.