90 Day's Angela Confirms Divorce Filing and Admits She Doubts Michael 'Ever Loved Me'

Angela Deem is taking steps away from Michael Ilesanmi. The couple was still married during Sunday night's 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 

tell-all, though Angela's doubts about his loyalty was ever-present. By the end of the episode, Angela confirmed she planned to file for divorce from her husband — though

she left some questions about whether they'll reunite.  "Right now, divorce is definitely on the table," Angela told cameras as she left the tell-all. "I'm definitely gonna

file. That doesn't mean I'm gonna sign." The shocking loss of hope comes after a tell-all of extremes, in which Angela actually gained the support of her fellow cast

members after Michael's cheating. "I'm mentally exhausted and I'm very hurt," she said. "With Michael's lying and all, and all the stuff I just found out, I don't think

he's ever loved me. I think he loves me 'cause everything I've done for him, but he can't tell me why he's in love with me." Angela added it was Michael's cheating that

"went too far."  Next on her dating agenda — if Angela goes through with the divorce — is "someone who makes me laugh. Not always toxic," she said.  RELATED: 90

Day's Angela Breaks Down Knowing Michael 'Was in My Bed' the Very Moment He Told Another Woman He Loved Her The troubles between Michael and Angela started earlier in the

tell-all when Angela opened up about Michael's cheating. After she was sent a romantic voice note — which Michael sent to another woman — Angela revealed the woman was American,

and Michael had sent the intimate memo while in Angela's bed.