Another storm lashes California after a barrage of brutal weather kills 19. But a break is finally on the horizon

Storm-ravaged California must endure one more round of ferocious winds, torrential rain and possible flooding as the latest atmospheric river pummels the state Monday.

About 8 million people are under flood watches until Monday evening for coastal Central California, including the Bay Area. Fresh rainfall could trigger more flooding,

mudslides and landslides as oversaturated land from recent downpours gets inundated again. California has already endured more than 400 landslides since December 30, according to

the California Geological Survey. And violent winds could topple trees in weakened soils, threatening more power outages and misery in the state. Damaged cars sit

beneath a fallen tree in Woodland Hills, California. - Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images Since Christmas week, an onslaught of storms has killed 19 people,

destroyed homes and turned entire neighborhoods into lakes. But California will get a desperately needed reprieve at the end of this week. “As we push into the day

on Tuesday, we’re looking for quieter weather across much of the state, with one fast-moving additional system arriving for later Wednesday into early Thursday,” said David

Lawrence of the National Weather Service. “After that, looking for a period of dry weather for much of the state finally as we head into late week and pretty much through

the weekend.” Before the long-awaited respite, here’s what’s in store for early this week: Floodwater from the Russian River approaches homes Sunday in Guerneville,

California. - Fred Greaves/Reuters