Australia news live: Anthony Albanese meets Alice Springs community leaders; Lidia Thorpe says Invasion Day ‘a reminder we are still at war’

LIVE – Updated at 06:52 Follow the day’s news.   06:52 Channel Nine is reporting a 20-year-old man has died after reportedly falling

from a cliff at Coogee, Sydney, this afternoon. We’ll bring you more information on this when we have it.   06:51 Robodebt relied on ‘flawed

assumptions’, says senior official A senior official involved with robodebt admits the unlawful welfare recovery scheme was underpinned by “flawed assumptions”, AAP

reports. Elizabeth Bundy, who ran the Human Services department’s internal reviews for welfare payments in 2017, appeared at the robodebt royal commission in Brisbane on

Tuesday. Bundy agreed using the controversial practice of income averaging to calculate Centrelink debts could result in inaccurate figures. But within the

department, there was a view that tax office data could be relied upon when employers could not be contacted. Angus Scott, counsel assisting the royal commission,

challenged Bundy on the basis for department decisions: Whether or not it was top of your mind, you surely knew in 2017 … whether or not there is a basis for an

administrative decision was lawful was if there was evidence to support it,” he said. The answer, Ms Bundy, is there was no evidence was there? Bundy

admitted “in hindsight … it was a flawed assumption”.   06:49 PM to speak shortly As mentioned earlier, the prime minister is in Alice Springs and will

be speaking at a press conference shortly. He’s been meeting with community leaders about an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour.