Australia news live: Labor MP calls for action on crime in ‘under siege’ Alice Springs

LIVE – Updated at 06:13 Follow live. Medicare changes ‘may make matters worse’, doctors warn 06:13 The Royal Australian College of

General Practitioners (RACGP) has warned the government’s proposed changes to Medicare could make matters worse. Earlier today, Mark Butler spoke about the challenges

many Australians face while finding and affording a GP, with hospitals bearing the brunt of the crisis. He said his government had “no higher priority than strengthening Medicare”

and that a new report, due to be released in the coming weeks, would guide the Strengthening Medicare fund. The RACGP president, Nicole Higgins, took issue with reports

in the Australian that the government is considering a “blended” funding system, which could see nurses and paramedics deliver primary care to strengthen universal healthcare.

Higgins said GPs were best placed to manage patient care. While it’s great that our nation’s leaders recognise the need for reform, I am concerned the

government’s proposed new model to overhaul Medicare will not go far enough to improve the situation for patients and may make matters worse. The problem is decades of

neglect and underfunding has made is harder and more expensive to see a GP, and this has caused the crisis in our hospital system, with wait times blowing out and ambulances