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LIVE – Updated at 01:18 Follow live.   01:18 Josh Butler A young Spanish man has become the first traveller slapped with harsher

penalties under toughened biosecurity laws, having his visa cancelled alongside a hefty fine after being caught with undeclared pork and cheese in his luggage.

Agriculture minister Murray Watt said on Monday that the 20-year-old was stopped by officials in Perth last week, and found with 275g of pancetta, 665g of pork meat, annd 300g

of goats’ cheese in his bags. The man had his visa cancelled and was fined $3300. New laws, which came into force on 1 January, upped the previous penalties of $2664.

Watt said the stricter laws were in a bid to stop diseases and pests entering the country, especially the danger of foot and mouth disease. “I hope this man regrets his

actions - his visit to Australia was over before it even began, and he’s been sent packing with a hefty fine,” Watt said in a statement. We are serious about

keeping foot and mouth and other diseases out of the country, and travellers need to remember that when they’re trying to enter Australia. This was a serious breach of

Australia’s biosecurity laws and could put Australia’s agricultural industries at risk, as well as our environment and international trade reputation.” Watt added

the general warning to travellers: “if in doubt, just declare it.”   01:17 Daniel Hurst Broadening understanding of health challenges in PNG a main aim of

Australian MPs’ trip, organisers hope