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LIVE – Updated at 21:48 Follow live. Law firms team up over data breach complaint by Medibank customers 21:48 Josh Taylor Three law

firms are teaming up to take up a complaint by tens of thousands of customers who had their personal information compromised in the Medibank hack last year. Maurice

Blackburn, Bannister Law Class Actions and Centennial Lawyers have announced a joint cooperation agreement against Medibank and AHM over the data breach, and said they have signed

up thousands of customers from the 9.7m affected by the breach. Hackers posted the data of the 9.7m customers on the dark web late last year after Medibank refused to pay

the ransom demands. Medibank’s position to not pay had the support of the federal government. Maurice Blackburn had already lodged a formal complaint against Medibank

with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, which can order compensation, but now the firms will work together on the complaint. Bannister Law Class

Actions’ Charles Bannister said: We believe the data breach is a betrayal of Medibank Private’s customers and a breach of the Privacy Act. Medibank has a duty to keep

this kind of information confidential. Centennial Lawyers’ George Newhouse said: The data breach exposes the lack of safeguards in place to prevent such

personal and private information being released to wrongdoers and Medibank & AHM have failed policy holders. There are multiple investigations into the Medibank

hack, including one already underway from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and an independent analysis commissioned by the health insurer.