Boris Johnson has raked in £2.6m in earnings, donations and gifts in past year

Boris Johnson has raked in more than £2.6m in earnings, donations and benefits in kind in the past year, according to analysis by The Independent. The former prime

minister is under renewed pressure over his finances after it emerged that he accepted a record £1m loan from a Brexiteer business and enjoyed an £800,000 line of credit while he

was at No 10. The latest reports say Mr Johnson and his family made free use of the Dominican Republic villa owned by his cousin Sam Blyth, who acted as a guarantor for the

credit facility. But Mr Johnson’s spokesman has argued it did not need to be registered because it came from a family member providing a personal benefit. “All Boris

Johnson’s financial interests are and were properly declared,” they said. Close analysis of Mr Johnson’s registered interests shows that the former Tory leader has made huge

sums of money since he was pushed out of No 10 in September. His outside earnings have totall over £1.3m in the past 12 months – including more than £750,000 in fees for

just three speeches he gave in November to investment banking firm Centerview Partners, the Hindustan Times and the CNN Global Summit Lisbon. Mr Johnson has also received

just over £1.2m in donations and the value of hospitality, gifts and benefits in kind, including a £1m donation from Thai-based Brexiteer businessman Christopher Harbourne, the

biggest single donation to any MP on record. Despite his salary and outside earnings, the former prime minister has also enjoyed use of accommodation worth just over £60,000

from Lord Bamford and Lady Bamford, along with a marquee and catering for his summer wedding party worth £23,000.