Dear Abby: I’m cheating on my boyfriend with a coworker — he has no idea

DEAR ABBY: I’m in a three-year relationship, but my significant other, “Ron,” is extremely cautious about emotional attachment. It took him two years to tell me he loves me or

even to express any form of serious affection. In addition, he’s consumed by his job and worries about how his co-workers perceive him. He seems to prioritize work relationships

over our relationship.  Because I have been depressed by the meager affection he shows me, I began an intimate relationship with a former co-worker, “Dan.” Dan expresses

no reservations or restraint in his feelings for me. He makes me feel appreciated, beautiful and loved.  see also Dear Abby: My fiancee ended our engagement with a

note I have strong feelings for them both and realize I have created a horrible situation. I don’t want to abandon a stable, caring relationship that was cultivated over

three years, and I’m terrified that ending the relationship in favor of one with Dan would be something I’ll regret later. But I’m unwilling to break things off with Dan. I’d

appreciate any advice. — TWO-TIMER ON THE EAST COAST DEAR ‘TWO-TIMER’: I’ll try. Because your relationship with Ron left you feeling so empty that you went looking for

solace in another man’s arms, ask yourself whether you really love Ron or just the challenge of getting him to finally commit to you. You are unwilling to give Dan up because he

gives you affection and validation, which are vital in a long-term relationship.