DeSantis Honored With Same Award as Lincoln Sparks Anger: 'This Is Wrong'

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is set to be honored by a Philadelphia organization that was founded to support Abraham Lincoln—sparking protests from some local

leaders. DeSantis—a Republican whose embrace of right-wing social policies propelled him to the national stage—is set to be honored with the Union League of Philadelphia's

gold medal on Tuesday. The award was once given to Abraham Lincoln, whom the organization was founded to support in 1862 amid the American Civil War. However, his support

for conservative social policies has sparked debate about whether he should receive the award. Several organizations, including the Philadelphia branch of the NAACP, are set to

protest the ceremony over his stance on issues including race and LGBTQ rights. As governor, DeSantis has taken aim at what he views as "woke" culture, supporting laws that

would target racial sensitivity training and ban Florida schools from teaching critical race theory—an academic principle that states systemic racism is ingrained in U.S. society

and institutions that is not typically taught in public schools. He most recently made headlines for banning Florida schools from teaching Advanced Placement African

American History, with state education department officials arguing the course "lacks educational value and is contrary to Florida law." The move has drawn backlash from civil

rights organizations. Reverend Alyn E. Waller, a community leader leading protests against DeSantis, questioned why the organization would not rescind his award after this

policy was announced in remarks first reported by local television news station WPVI-TV.