Elephant seal that smashed windows may have appeared in Blairgowrie on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula

The same elephant seal that broke windows in Point Lonsdale on Friday may have reappeared on the Mornington Peninsula, authorities say. Victoria's Conservation Regulator

said there was a southern elephant seal in Blairgowrie that was likely the same one that drew crowds in Point Lonsdale, on the other side of Port Phillip Bay. The seal in

Point Lonsdale caused a stir as it crossed roads and smashed two windows at the local BP, before police and Parks Victoria officers escorted it back to sea. Chief

Conservation Regulator Kate Gavens said after the elephant seal disappeared from Point Lonsdale on Friday, one of the same appearance popped up on Saturday at

Blairgowrie. "We think it could be the same animal," she said. "It's certainly rare to see elephant seals popping up, we do get quite a few fur seals around our

beaches." Ms Gavens said a wildlife officer on the scene estimated the seal to be about 500 kilograms. She said the seal is likely resting after sustaining injuries in

Point Lonsdale. "We know it did get a few injuries from its altercation with the glass window on Friday," she said.Public urged to keep distance from seal Authorities

have erected an exclusion zone around the seal, with Ms Gavens saying it could become defensive if approached.  "On Point Lonsdale, we did see — quite disappointingly

— people getting too close to this seal," she said. "They are quite unpredictable, so if you get up close and personal you really are putting yourself at risk and putting

the animal's welfare at risk."