Elon Musk Comes to the Rescue of Struggling President

The everything CEO meddles in geopolitical affairs and does not hesitate to comment on events unfolding in other countries. Elon Musk is a CEO with one of the busiest

agendas. The billionaire considers himself a global CEO. As such he comments on major events taking place in different countries around the world.  He does not

hesitate to give his opinion on the internal political affairs of these countries. The CEO of Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Free Report and founder of SpaceX is taking advantage of the big

vacuum of leaders on the world stage to take on this role. He has just come to the rescue of French President Emmanuel Macron, who is facing social discontent due to a

reform of the pension system he is considering. The reform proposes to shift the legal retirement age to 64 in 2030 - and not from 62 to 65 in 2031, as Macron had announced

during the 2022 presidential campaign - and to accelerate the extension of the contribution period to 43 years from 2027 (i.e. also an additional quarter per year). But no one

will have to work for more than 44 years. France Has Large Protests This bill, unveiled on Jan. 10 by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, after several months of talks with

unions and the political parties, is a new reform of the pay-as-you-go pension system, the objective of which is to restore the country's finances. The flagship measure of the

reform is a gradual lowering of the legal retirement age.