Elvis Presley's Granddaughter Riley Keough Explores What Makes Rock Legends in Daisy Jones & the Six Trailer

Daisy Jones & The Six are getting ready to hit the road! On Wednesday, Amazon Prime Video released an official trailer for the highly anticipated

TV series adapted from Taylor Reid-Jenkins' best-selling rock 'n' roll novel. The musical drama details the rise and fall of a fictional rock band, loosely inspired

by Fleetwood Mac, who largely imploded due to a combination of fame, vices and complicated relationships. Singer Daisy Jones is played by Riley Keough, with Sam Claflin

portraying co-lead Billy Dunne. Following a sold-out show at Soldier Field in Chicago, the band calls it quits. Then decades later, from varying points of view in

documentary-style confessionals, they recount what happened amid flashbacks. "You write songs about who you wish you were, not who you are," Keough's character tells Billy

in the teaser, then alludes to their "will they/won't they" relationship. "What if you wrote songs about the guy who wants things that he shouldn't?" To which Claflin's Billy

responds, "Who'd want to hear a song about that?" RELATED: Daisy Jones & The Six TV Show: Everything to Know In the book, Billy is married to the love of his

life, Camila Dunne (Camila Morrone) but has his relationship tested by the presence of his muse Daisy Jones. Through a montage of stage shows, world travel, hotel rooms,

Stevie Nicks-inspired fashions, epic original music and heightened dramatic moments, the series teases everything fans have been waiting for in the adaptation from The New York

Times best-seller.