Ex-Virginia police chief, cops accused of covering up sex-trafficking ring, procuring prostitutes: reports

The former police chief of Fairfax County, Virginia, and three ex-officers are on trial for allegedly covering up a sex trafficking ring, as one of the victims – an illegal

immigrant – took the stand accusing the four law enforcement members of being clients of the prostitution enterprise they allegedly allowed to operate.  A federal jury in

Alexandria, Va., this week heard testimony from a woman, identified as Jane Doe, during a civil trial against four former members of the Fairfax County Police Department: the

former Chief Edwin Roessler, James Baumstark, a former captain who is now the deputy chief in Asheville, North Carolina, and officers Michael Barbazette and Jason Mardocco, FOX 5

DC reported. None of the four men have been criminally charged, and a lawyer for Roessler and Baumstark dismissed the allegations as "preposterous."  The woman testified

that she was lured from Costa Rica by Hazel Sanchez to come to Virginia to work as a nanny and high-end escort who would spend time with wealthy clients but did not necessarily

have to have sex with them. Instead, according to Sanchez’s 2019 guilty plea, women were forced to have sex with as many as 17 men a day, including being subjected to dangerous

and degrading sex acts.  Sanchez, sentenced to just 2.5 years in prison for admitting she managed "unlawful prostitution activity," confiscated the passports of five women

and threatened to contact U.S. immigration authorities if they did not comply with her demands.  TEXAS MAN CONFESSES TO DECAPITATING NEWLYWED ‘UNDOCUMENTED’ WIFE: