FKA Twigs creates nature project artwork to inspire children to change the world

British singer-songwriter FKA Twigs has said she wanted to create artwork for The Wild Escape project to inspire children to have a “genuine connect” to nature as was instilled

in her growing up. Hundreds of museums across the UK have joined forces in the largest ever art collaboration to motivate children to “respond creatively” to the threat to

the natural environment. The children will be encouraged to create wildlife artworks which will be brought to life in a huge-scale immersive display to be unveiled on Earth

Day 2023, the Art Fund said. Leading artists have created artworks to inspire children to take part, including 35-year-old Twigs who created a piece inspired by Diego

Velazquez’s Rokeby Venus and Shibata Zeshin’s Two-Fold Screen. She told the PA news agency: “The whole point of this is to inspire children to come to museums and be

inspired by nature, and then when they grow up they’ll have a genuine connection that can essentially save our planet. “I know that when I was young, there was certain

things that my parents took me too, even craft fairs. “I remember my mum used to do this amazing project every time the season would turn. We’d make a collage of summer

things or spring things or autumn things or winter things and find orange leaves and acorns and stick them all down and it would be a collage, it would be on the kitchen table

maybe for two or three weeks. “We’d completely cover it and it helped me learn about acorns and conkers and leaves and the different seasons, and I guess this could be a

version of that for a child or hopefully many children across the UK.”