George Santos' Drag Queen Admission Is a Complete Disaster for Republicans

Newly elected Republican congressman George Santos continues to be a headache for his own party, as the representative finally confirmed he has performed in drag on at least

one occasion. The admission, made in an interview with ABC 7 on Saturday as the congressman returned home to New York over the weekend, came after Santos had repeatedly

denied ever dressing in drag despite evidence to the contrary. Several images and videos showing Santos in drag have recently resurfaced online and have been widely

circulated on social media. But the New York congressman claimed he only ever dressed in drag once at a festival in Brazil. "I was young and I had fun at a festival—sue me

for having a life," he told ABC 7 on Saturday. Last week, he described claims he had performed in drag as "outrageous" and "categorically false." While Santos' drag

performances aren't an issue per se, the reports—as well as his denial of the claims and now his admission—are likely to put the Republican Party in a very awkward spot. As

part of a broader right-wing push against LGBTQ+ rights, several Republican lawmakers have recently tried to limit or ban drag performances—especially those with kids in the

audience, like drag story hour—claiming the shows are inherently sexual or obscene and harmful to children. In at least eight states—including Arizona, Idaho, Michigan,

Montana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas—legislators have proposed anti-drag bills in recent months.