Greater Hobart's 'most affordable' suburb is Primrose Sands, but many on the southern beaches are doing it tough

Primrose Sands, half an hour's drive out of Tasmania's capital, on the southern beaches, is Greater Hobart's most affordable suburb. At least that's what it says on

paper, with CoreLogic statistics this month showing it had the lowest median weekly rent of $442, compared to a top of $703 in Sandy Bay. The suburb, part of the Sorell

local government area along with neighbouring Dodges Ferry and Carlton, has been known for its beach shack community. Nat Siggins can remember a time when summer would hit

and the population of the southern beaches would triple. Now, it's a different story, as a housing crisis pushes Hobart's residents further out and others move into the area

for a change in lifestyle. The growing pains are hitting the struggling locals, according to Ms Saggins — the community manager at Okines Community House in Dodges

Ferry. She said during the past 18 months there had been a notable increase in the number of people reaching out for food assistance, and seeking help to find a stable roof

over their heads. "People used to move down here because it was more affordable, but now it's not," she said. "Rent nowadays is pretty much the same as it is in

Hobart. "There's just a lack of availability of houses. "People are coming here asking us, 'Do you know of anyone that has a spare room in their house?'" she said,

with others struggling to make their mortgage repayments. "I don't know how people that are on benefits, like through Centrelink, can afford to rent and live."Jessica

couldn't move to Hobart Jessica Willemse has experienced the challenge of finding a rental in the area first-hand.