Healey has committed to equity ‘in all that we do.’ Advocates are pushing for more Latino representation.

While commending Governor Maura Healey’s commitment to equity and hiring of diverse senior officials, leaders in the Latino community are also calling attention to the fact

that the administration has not yet named a Latino to a Cabinet-level position. “Historically, Latinos haven’t been as equally represented in the inner circle of higher

leadership, in any sector not just government,” said Phyllis Barajas, the founder and CEO of Latino mentoring and leadership program Conexión. “It takes intentionality to do so,

and it takes time.” As Healey considers her final Cabinet picks and staffs up her nascent administration, some Latino advocates are pushing the new governor to ensure her

administration reflects the population it serves. Leaders including Barajas have crowd-sourced and created a list of more than 140 qualified candidates for roles in the

administration using an online form. A statewide coalition has been communicating directly with Healey’s and Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll’s staff since December. And last

Monday, the state’s Latino Advisory Commission penned a letter urging the administration to consider qualified and diverse candidates for top jobs. In a statement, a

spokesperson for Healey pointed out five members of the administration’s senior staff who identify as Latino, and said the administration is also creating a position in the

governor’s press office that will focus on multicultural media. When asked whether Terrence Reidy, secretary of public safety and security, identifies as Latino, a

spokeswoman said he “identifies as a Mexican-Irish American,” and noted that while his father’s side is Irish, his mother’s family has Mexican heritage.