Indiana woman arrested after 'racially motivated' stabbing on public bus

A woman has been arrested in the stabbing of an 18-year-old Indiana University student that occurred on a public bus in Bloomington, Indiana. Billie Ranard Davis, 56,

of Bloomington, is charged with first-degree attempted murder and multiple battery counts after she approached the student as she was waiting to exit the bus and began stabbing

her repeatedly in the head on Wednesday, according to court documents obtained by the Washington Post. MAN ARRESTED AFTER TIKTOK EXPOSES HOMOPHOBIC AND RACIST IN-N-OUT

RANT Davis told police that she targeted the student "due to [her] being Chinese," a probable cause affidavit said. It also stated that the woman "made statements that

race was a factor in why she stabbed her." The affidavit said Davis told a detective that she attacked the student because it would be “one less person to blow up our

country.” Security camera footage showed that the student and Davis had no interaction to cause the attack, the affidavit said. Davis allegedly stabbed or attempted to

stab the student about seven times before returning to her seat on the bus. A witness followed Davis on foot after she exited the bus until police arrived to arrest her

sometime after 4:45 p.m. The student is receiving treatment at a Bloomington hospital for several head wounds, and her condition has not been released. Bloomington

Mayor John Hamilton released a statement on Saturday condemning the attack.