Investigation underway after plane crash averted at New York's JFK airport

An investigation is underway after a plane crash between two planes was averted at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Friday night, the Federal Aviation

Administration said. A Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 plane had been set to take off from the busy airport at around 8:45 p.m. when it was frantically ordered by air controllers

to stop after they noticed another plane, operated by American Airlines, crossing in front of the departing jetliner, the FAA said in a statement. ″Delta 1943, cancel

takeoff clearance!" an air controller could be heard saying in an audio recording of Air Traffic Control communications made by LiveATC, a website that monitors and shares flight

communications. The Delta plane was able to stop safely, with the abrupt halt felt by passengers onboard. "It was like a split second of panic that resulted in this

audible reaction on the plane," Brian Heale, a passenger on the Delta flight, told NBC News. "I felt the adrenaline and there was total quiet on the plane and then there was

relief when the plane came to a stop." The Delta plane came to stop around 1,000 feet from where American Airlines Flight 106, a Boeing 777, had crossed from an adjacent

taxiway, according to the FAA. The flight, which had 145 passengers on board and 6 crew members, returned to the gate following the incident and customers had to deplane

the aircraft. The flight was then delayed overnight due to crew resources, with passengers provided with overnight accommodations, a spokesperson for Delta Air Lines said.

It departed Saturday morning just before 10:20 a.m.