Kari Lake Claims Discovery of 200k Failed Votes in Arizona: 'This is Huge'

Republican Kari Lake, who is refusing to accept she lost Arizona's 2022 gubernatorial election, has claimed "nearly 1/4 of a million voting attempts" failed in the state on

election day. Lake lost to Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, who was inaugurated as Governor of Arizona earlier this month, by a margin of 17,000 votes. However, the

fervent Trump supporter is continuing to insist the election was rigged against her, despite her allegations having been thrown out by a Maricopa County judge. On Monday

Lake tweeted: "Officials sabotaged Election Day. On November 8th (when 75% of votes were for @KariLake) nearly 1/4 of a MILLION voting attempts FAILED, according to the system log

files that were obtained via FOIA. This is huge, folks. Huge." Despite no solid evidence being provided to support this claim, Lake's tweet was retweeted more than 6,700

times. Newsweek has contacted Lake asking her to provide details about her allegation, along with documentary evidence. The Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, who is

responsible for the state's elections, has also been contacted for comment. In December a civil case, filed against Hobbs and a number of Maricopa County officials,

appeared before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson. The judge ruled against Lake, commenting: "Every single witness before the Court disclaimed any

personal knowledge of such misconduct. The Court cannot accept speculation or conjecture in place of clear and convincing evidence." Lake was also ordered to pay $33,040 to

Hobbs for witness fees.