Kelly Ripa Discouraged Sarah Michelle Gellar's Move to Hollywood: 'You Think You're Going to Be a Star?'

Kelly Ripa is thankful Sarah Michelle Gellar chose not to listen to her brutally honest career advice. During Monday's episode of Live with Kelly and

Ryan, Ripa recalled to co-host Ryan Seacrest how she previously advised Gellar against making a cross-country move to pursue her acting dreams in Hollywood. "I'm so glad

Sarah Michelle Gellar did not listen to me," Ripa, 52, said of the actress, who later appeared as a guest on Monday's episode. "Because many years ago, when she was on All My

Children and leaving, she said, 'I'm going out to California.' And I said, 'What? There's nothing in California. What are you talking about? You don't want to go out to California

as a young starlet. What do you think? You think you're going to become a star? You're going to stay here where the work is! Theater! Television!'" RELATED: Sarah Michelle

Gellar Shares Throwback Photo of Herself and Kelly Ripa: 'What Was I Thinking?!?' The two stars have been friends since meeting as costars on All My Children. Even though

Ripa once discouraged her colleague and pal's career aspirations, she's happy Gellar instead went with her gut. "She was like, 'You're wrong,'" Ripa recounted. "And I'm so

glad she didn't listen. She did it! She was like, 'Hold my beer, I'm going to go be a star.'" Gellar, of course, went on to have a successful career spanning film and

television, scoring her breakout primetime role with Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 1997 to 2003. She also starred on the big screen in include Cruel Intentions, The Grudge,

Scooby-Doo and I Know What You Did Last Summer.