Labour says Sunak should not need ethics adviser to tell him Zahawi should be sacked as PM orders tax claims investigation – live

LIVE – Updated at 15:11 Latest updates: PM says ‘questions need answering’ amid revelations Zahawi paid penalty to settle tax dispute while in cabinet.

Starmer urges Labour to discuss its differences on trans issues 'with respect and with tolerance' 15:11 Keir Starmer has said that he wants people in the Labour

party to discuss their differences on trans issues “with respect and with tolerance”. He was speaking on a visit today after the Labour MP Rosie Duffield said last week

that that she felt “ostracised” by the party because of her gender-critical views, and a Labour aide was subsequently recorded being critical about her. Starmer said:

I’m very concerned that all of our discussions in the Labour Party and in politics are discussions that we have with respect and with tolerance. And they’re the

principles and the values that I want to see in our Labour Party and that I insist on in our Labour party, whether it’s Rosie Duffield or anybody else. There will be

differences of opinion, of course there will, but respect and tolerance are the values that we must have in all those debates. Yesterday the Mail on Sunday ran a

story saying an unnamed “senior aide to Starmer” had been critical of Duffield, saying she should spend more time in her constituency and less time “hanging out with JK Rowling”,

another critic of trans rights policies. Today the anti-Labour website Guido Fawkes has published an edited audio clip of Matthew Doyle, Labour’s head of communications, making

those comments.