Manchin Says Biden Should ‘Have A Lot Of Regrets’ After FBI Finds More Classified Documents

Topline Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Sunday President Joe Biden should “have a lot of regrets” about how he handled classified documents, following the FBI’s discovery of

additional classified records at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home–marking one of the strongest Democratic rebukes of the president’s mushrooming documents scandal. Key

Facts Manchin, speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, said Biden should admit “it was irresponsible,” but said he does not believe the president “intended” for the documents to be

mishandled. The comments come hours after the White House revealed Saturday that FBI agents found at least six more items with classified markings during a voluntary

13-hour search of the president’s Delaware home on Friday, dating back to his time as vice president and when he served as a U.S. senator. Biden said Thursday, prior to the

new discovery, that he has “no regrets” and was confident the Justice Department’s investigation into the matter would “find there’s nothing there.” Manchin acknowledged

that former President Donald Trump’s response to the discovery of more than 300 classified records in his possession last year was “absolutely” different from Biden’s response,

since Trump has contested the merits of the DOJ’s investigation into the matter, while Biden has said he would cooperate. Manchin and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) said previously

they believe the DOJ made the right decision in appointing an independent special counsel to investigate Biden’s handling of the documents, with Manchin calling Biden’s situation

“extremely irresponsible and disturbing,” he told Fox News Digital on Friday.