Marlee Matlin and Billy Porter help viewers understand the "Accused" in Fox's new crime series

For Howard Gordon, the "Accused" represents a change from his usual version of storytelling. Instead of connecting us with a

single protagonist like "24"'s Jack Bauer or Carrie Mathison's CIA operative on "Homeland," "Accused" offers a new traveler in the gray areas of morality every week. Based

on the 2010 BBC One series from "Cracker" creator Jimmy McGovern, Gordon's anthology removes the cops from the crime drama equation, homing in on the personal circumstances

surrounding the crime from the perspective of its alleged perpetrator.   The verdict matters less than what we learn about the people at the center of these cases. Since

the premise invites viewers to relate to an individual's impossible situation, Gordon hired directors who could do something similar. The 15-episode season of "Accused"

includes episodes directed by Emmy, Grammy and Tony award-winner Billy Porter, Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin, and Tazbah Chavez, a co-executive producer, and writer on "Reservation

Dogs." Gordon enlisted each because of their ability to place the audience inside their main characters' world better than he could. Lauren Ridloff in the "Ava's Story"

episode of "Accused" (Steve Wilkie/FOX) "The opportunity for me to have this show and for it to be the Trojan horse for these voices and these stories has been one of the

most incredible pleasures of my career," Gordon explained in a recent virtual press conference, "to just sort of shut up and listen and also . . . just get out of the way and c

and have a chance."