Matt Gaetz Tells Donald Trump He Has a Women Problem

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz has said Donald Trump needs to pick a female running mate for his 2024 presidential campaign in order to get vital support from women voters,

including those who do not like him. Speaking to the right-wing podcast Timcast IRL with Tim Pool, Gaetz suggested that the reason Trump won the 2016 election was that he

was still able to win votes from women who didn't like him because they "could not stand telling their daughters and granddaughters" that his Democratic challenger "Hillary

Clinton was the first female president of the United States." Gaetz said that in order for Trump to win over women voters who do not like him again in 2024, he needs to

choose a female running mate, suggesting that his former press secretary turned Arkansas governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem would be the best

choices. "What I've said to President Trump is you have to create a permission structure where women who do not like you, vote for you again," Gaetz said. "And you see

the grit of a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You see the directness, the efficacy, she really [took] bold steps on her first days as governor, banning TikTok on a lot of government

devices there. She's the kind of person I'm looking at. "Kristi Noem also, I think would be a pretty stellar pick," the GOP representative said. In an interview on Fox

News on Sunday, Sanders did not answer directly if she would even endorse Trump for the presidency in 2024, and instead said she is focusing on her role in Arkansas.