‘Minx’ is Officially Coming Back for Season 2, Moves to Starz After HBO Max Cancellation

Did Minx leave you wanting more? That’s kind of the whole point, am I right, ladies? The HBO Max series is full of sexual liberation, debates about feminism, office romance,

and more ’70s dirtbag fashion than you could dream up. It’s like they knew we’d all be doing shag haircuts and served up the inspo on a platter with some incredible comedy as a

main course. The show, if you have somehow stumbled here and don’t know w** I’m talking about, is a fictional historical workplace comedy about a feminist journalist who

finds that the best way to get her radical articles published is by starting the first erotic magazine for women. This causes her to expand her feminist worldview and make a lot

of mistakes on her road to success. Now go watch it, come back here, and I’ll tell you what we know about Minx season 2. First things first, is Minx getting a season 2?

Weeks after we tried to figure out what was going to happen next, there's finally some good news for Minx fans. Season 2 is coming, this time over at Starz which will be the

show's new home including its season 1 episodes. Previously, HBO Max canceled Minx even though it had been renewed for season 2 back in May. According to an article in

Variety, the show had almost completed production on the second season when Warner Bros. Discovery canceled it as a cost-saving measure. And the first season was being taken off

HBO Max, so you won’t be able to watch it there anymore. But luckily, Lionsgate is the producer on the show, and shopped it around so now it's living on!Wait, they were

already filming?! Jake Johnson posted this photo from set earlier this year confirming that they were back filming season.