Nearly 3,000 Russians Killed in Last Four Days of War: Ukraine

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry calculates that deaths of Russians during the war keep mounting at a rate higher than earlier in the war. The amount of Russian deaths is almost

at 3,000 just over the last four days, Ukraine reports. The defense ministry on Sunday listed 600 Russians killed, which brings the four-day total to 2,290 Russian

casualties. Russia has now lost an estimated 120,760 soldiers since the war began in late February 2022. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky during his New Year's address

to the nation said Russia is "afraid" and that he senses "fear." "They are afraid. You can feel it. And they are right to be afraid. Because they are losing. Drones,

missiles, anything else will not help them. Because we are together. And they are together only with fear," Zelensky said. Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine is nearing

the 11-month mark. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 (2022), but failed to take the capital of Kyiv, getting pushed back by Ukrainian fighters. Ukraine fighters have also

shown a staunch defense in northern cities like Kharkiv, where they have pushed Russian troops back toward the nearby border. Russia, despite many losses in the war

entering its 49th week, has shifted focus to eastern and southern Ukraine. That includes a strong presence in the Black Sea. Ukraine is gaining more support from the West,

particularly from the United States and Germany for tanks and new air defense systems that can protect the country from Kh-22 missiles, like the ones that destroyed Dnipro a week