New Cruz bill ends sales of SPR oil to China, CCP-owned companies

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas., introduced a bill Wednesday that would stop the Biden administration from selling oil from U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SRP) to China and Chinese

Communist Party(CCP),-owned companies. Cruz's bill, the Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act, was cosponsored by over a dozen Senate Republicans

and closely mirrors the bill passed by the House this month. The House bill passed in an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 331-97, with 113 House Democrats voting in

favor. The easy House vote means the bill has a chance in the Senate if Democratic leaders agree to take it up. U.N. SECRETARY-GENERAL SAYS ‘BIG OIL’ PEDDLES ‘BIG

LIE,’ SHOULD BE ‘HELD TO ACCOUNT’ LIKE TOBACCO "The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was intended to ensure that America had sufficient oil. Instead, Joe Biden sold oil to the

Chinese Communist Party when the CCP was stockpiling oil for its own strategic use, and while Americans are paying higher and higher prices for fuel because of the Biden

administration’s disastrous energy policies," Cruz said in a statement. "We need to immediately act to stop this from happening in the future… and unleash American energy,"

he said. READ ON THE FOX NEWS APP Biden first ordered the Department of Energy to tap into the SPR in November 2021, saying it was a "major effort to moderate the

price of oil" and lower prices at the average "corner gas station." After Russia invaded Ukraine last year, Biden announced a 30-million-barrel release and another

180-million-barrel release in March 2022.