Passenger filmed moment his plane crashed in Nepal killing at least 68

A passenger unknowingly broadcast the final moments of a plane crash which killed at least 68 people in Nepal. The ATR 72 Yeti Airlines flight crashed with 72 people on

board when it descended into the newly opened airport in Pokhara. The footage, taken by Sonu Jaiswal, shows passengers smiling as the plane flies over houses. The

camera suddenly shakes, passengers are heard shouting and then the screen goes black. It appeared to show the aircraft suddenly tilting and diving towards the ground as it

made its landing approach to the airport. Afterwards firefighters carried bodies, some burned beyond recognition, to hospitals where relatives had assembled. Some

family members also appeared at Kathmandu Airport where they exchanged words with officials. The prime minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, rushed to Kathmandu Airport

after the crash and set up a panel to investigate what happened. The Times of India spoke to Mr Jaiswal’s cousin, who confirmed the 29-year-old was onboard the

plane. The publication reports one of his friends, shouted ‘it’s real fun’ moments before the crash. Mr Jaiswal’s cousin, Rajat Jaiswal, said: ‘Sonu was on Facebook

live after boarding the flight for Pokhara. The live-streaming showed that Sonu and his companions were in a happy mood but all of a sudden flames appeared before the streaming

stopped.’ An eyewitness said he saw the plane spinning violently in the air after it began descending to land, watching from the terrace of his house. Nepal’s Civil

Aviation Authority said it is not known what caused the disaster yet.