‘Poker Face’: “Endless Possibilities” For Natasha Lyonne’s Human BS Detector To Keep Solving Crimes Past Season 1

Poker Face, Rian Johnson’s drama series starring Natasha Lyonne as a human bullsh*t detector, wasn’t conceived as a limited series and the Knives Out filmmaker

said there are “endless possibilities” to continue in success. Lyonne stars as Charlie, an effortlessly cool, cheap beer drinking woman with a preternatural ability to

solve crimes. After a casino boss seeks her out to use her abilities for nefarious purposes, Charlie goes on the run and gets mixed up in more crimes.More from Deadline'Glass

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whodunnit as the crime is front and center in each episode. But while there’s one story that arcs through the ten-episode season, one involving Benjamin Bratt’s

security expert, it’s ostensibly a procedural. Lyonne said that she loved characters such as Peter Falk’s Columbo, Elliott Gould’s Philip Marlowe in The Long Goodbye

and Dennis Franz’s Andy Sipowicz in NYPD Blue. Johnson added that he took inspiration from series such as Columbo, Magnum PI, Rockford Files and Quantum Leap, episodic

case of the week stories with a “charismatic figure at the heart of it”. Speaking at NBCUniversal’s TCA press tour, Lyonne said that Charlie is “floating above a

situation trying to crack a riddle, but also an everyman who has their nose to the grindstone and figuring out the sounds of the street”.