Prince Harry Says He & William Wouldn't Be Estranged If Princess Diana Were Alive

Prince Harry doesn't think his relationship with brother Prince William would be as broken as it is today if their mother, Princess Diana, were alive. The Duke of Sussex

sat down for a conversation with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's episode of The Late Show, upon the release of his highly anticipated memoir, Spare. "If your mother were

still alive, do you ever think about how she might handle this moment?" Colbert asked Harry, referring to his estrangement from the Prince of Wales. "We wouldn't have got to

this moment," Harry replied. "It's impossible to say where we would be now—where those relationships would be now—but there is no way that the distance between my brother and I

would be the same." Colbert then asked Harry if he ever calls upon his mother for help or thinks of the advice she would have given him. "I've said quite a lot

recently in different interviews that I've really felt the presence of my mom, especially in the last couple of years. And I detail in the book my brother and I talking at her

grave and how he felt as though she had been with him for a long period of time and helped set him up with life and that he felt she was now moving over to me," Harry

said. The prince notes in his memoir that he has felt his mother's presence more than ever since he married Meghan Markle and left the monarchy, and it has reassured him

that he's on the right track. He even compares his wife to his mother, saying Duchess Meghan shares the late princess' "compassion," "empathy," "warmth," and