Republicans want Biden home visitor logs - but not Trump's

By Doina Chiacu WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee on Sunday demanded visitor logs for President Joe Biden's house in

Wilmington, Delaware, after classified documents were found in his office and garage. "Without a list of individuals who have visited his residence, the American people will

never know who had access to these highly sensitive documents," Representative James Comer said in a letter to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain dated Sunday. Republicans

have sought to compare the Biden documents case with that of former President Donald Trump, who faces a federal criminal probe of how he handled classified documents after he left

the White House. But legal experts say there are stark contrasts between the two cases. Comer said he would not seek visitor logs for Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, where

more than 100 classified documents were found in an FBI search. "I don't feel like we need to spend a whole lot of time because the Democrats have done that for the past

six years," he said in an interview Sunday with CNN. Trump has announced he would seek the presidency again in 2024, with Biden as his expected Democratic rival. The

Biden disclosures emerged last week after his legal team said it had found classified documents relating to his time as vice president in the Obama administration at his Delaware

home. His lawyers on Saturday reported finding five additional pages at his home.