Senate Dem Dick Durbin says elected officials bear 'responsibility' for classified materials

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) conceded President Joe Biden has lost the "high ground" on the handling of classified documents. Durbin proclaimed that an elected official is

responsible for classified documents while speaking with Dana Bash on CNN's State of the Union Sunday. BIDEN CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS: WHAT IS KNOWN ABOUT WHERE, AND HOW MANY,

DOCUMENTS HAVE BEEN FOUND "Let’s be honest about it. When that information is found, it diminishes the stature of any person that's in possession of them. It’s not

supposed to happen. Whether it was the fault of a staffer or an attorney, it makes no difference. The elected official bears ultimate responsibility," Durbin said. Durbin

also said it was "outrageous" that either Biden or Trump's alleged mishandling of classified documents happened, but outlined the differences between the two cases. The Democrat

pointed to the cooperation of Biden's lawyers as one of the key differences. The senator also warned that the Biden classified document inquiry will unleash various probes

by House Republicans, similar to how the GOP investigated the response to attacks on U.S. officials in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. "We have to worry, since this new group

that has taken over control of the House of Representatives [and] has promised us endless investigations, confrontations, impeachments and chaos, what’s going to happen. I only

have one word for those who are dubious as to whether that will happen, and that word is Benghazi," Durbin said.