Stop Spending So Much Money on Ebooks, Do This Instead

Ebooks are a cheaper alternative to their hard- and softcover brethren, but there's an even less expensive way you can enjoy reading. An app called Libby connects your e-reader

to your local public library, so you can borrow ebooks instead of buying them.  According to a 2022 Gallup poll, the average American reads about 13 books a year. Some

ebooks, like Babel by R.F. Kuang, cost about $5. That means you could save around $65 a year by borrowing ebooks from your library instead of buying them. And if you're a

voracious reader who reads more than a book a month, you could save more. Here's how to read ebooks from your local public library with Libby.Getting started with

Libby You can download the Libby app to your phone or tablet from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. After it's finished downloading, go into Libby and

you'll be asked to connect to your local public library. Libby was made by OverDrive, a digital reading platform connected to over 90% of all public libraries in North

America. Here's how to connect to your local public library in Libby. 1. Open Libby on your device. 2. Use the prompts to search for your local public

library. 3. Enter your library card information. After entering your library card information, you can start browsing the ebooks available from your local

library. How Libby works Borrowing ebooks from your local public library through Libby is similar to borrowing physical copies of books from the library. You search for an

ebook in the app and if it's available, you can check it out and start reading it on your device now.