T to close part of Orange Line to work on slow zones it said were eliminated, but weren’t, during full shutdown

The MBTA will shut down part of the Orange Line this weekend to work toward eliminating slow zones that were supposed to be eliminated during the month-long shut down of the

entire line last year. In a tweet Tuesday, the MBTA said it will shut down the Orange Line in both directions between Ruggles Station and North Station and the Green Line

between Government Center Station and North Station “for work on the Government Center Garage” on Jan. 28 and 29. In response to questions from the Globe about why the Orange Line

will be shutdown outside of the immediate area where the garage is located, T spokesperson Joe Pesaturo said crews will perform “additional track work, including the replacement

of rail fasteners, between Back Bay and Ruggles Stations” unrelated to the private garage. “The work this weekend will be an important step in achieving our goal of

significantly improving track conditions to allow trains to increase speeds,” said Pesaturo via e-mail. This weekend’s track work comes just over four months after the MBTA

reopened the Orange Line following an unprecedented 30-day closure of the entire line to repair the tracks and improve travel times. At least three of the six slow zones

that the MBTA said it eliminated after the shutdown still had speed restrictions in place as of Jan. 4, according to an internal log obtained by the Globe: between Back Bay and

Tufts Medical Stations and between Stony Brook and Jackson Square stations in both directions, and northbound between Assembly and Wellington stations.