Tech's ultimate nepo babies: Meet the Drapers, the first family of Silicon Valley

The billionaire Tim Draper is part of a lineage often lauded as Silicon Valley's premier VC family. His grandfather founded the VC firm Draper, Gaither, and Anderson. Tim's

children, three of whom carry on the VC torch, could be deemed tech's ultimate nepo babies. Celebrities bristling about being called "nepo babies" could learn from William

Henry Draper III, one of Silicon Valley's premier venture capitalists who has recognized his family's close ties and their influence on the family's successes. "Networks are

critical to the successful venture capitalist," Draper, who cofounded elite investment projects like Sutter Hill Ventures, wrote in his 2012 semi-autobiographical book, "The

Startup Game." In other words, the adage: It's all about who you know. Anyone who has hustled and pounded the pavement to break into a competitive field understands there's

an elusive alchemy to how connections can form and the doors they open. As far as powerful professional networks go, it's hard to top the Draper family tree.  Draper's

venture-capital career began in the 1950s at his father's own trailblazing firm, Draper, Gaither, and Anderson, an early entrant in a new field. He wrote that he joined it, in

part, for the "unique opportunity to learn from a master." Striking out with his peers in the next decade, he went on to invest in early IT-infrastructure companies including

Kasper Instruments. He paid it forward to his son, Tim Draper, who made his own early VC investments in the '80s using a family vehicle that was then called Draper

Associates, according to "The Startup Game."