The Bills beat the shorthanded Dolphins, but won’t get away with sloppy play again in the playoffs

The Bills defeated the Dolphins in the Wild Card playoffs, and that’s supposed to be all that matters. “Survive and advance,” “On any given Sunday,” and so on. But the

Bills shouldn’t feel too comfortable with their 34-31 win on Sunday. They were sloppy and reckless yet again on offense, and barely held on to beat a rookie third-string

quarterback who only completed 40 percent of his passes. The Bills were probably the best team in the NFL this year, but they are their own worst enemy, which is where we

begin the Wild Card Weekend review: · The Bills gained 423 yards and scored four touchdowns, so it seems strange to feel worried about their offense. But the Bills were

careless with the football again, with Josh Allen throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble that the Dolphins returned for a touchdown to keep the game close. Ball

security has been an issue for the Bills all season. They were third in the NFL with 27 giveaways, and Allen led the NFL with five interceptions in the red zone (no one else had

more than three). Allen has a habit of trying to do too much instead of staying within the structure of the offense, and it either leads to sloppy turnovers, or Allen trying to

play hero ball with unnecessary deep passes and wild scrambles. Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey also may call for too many kill shots instead of safer plays.