‘The Last of Us’ Easter Eggs: Every Reference You Might Have Missed

With any adaptation of a beloved property—whether it be a video game, comic book, or novel—there are going to be fans scouring every frame for each and every little nod back to

the source material. There will also be many newcomers to the franchise that are interested in learning more about how the show is paying homage to the original text. When

it comes to HBO’s new TV series based on The Last of Us, the hugely popular PlayStation action-adventure games, there are plenty of Easter eggs viewers should look for. And as a

self-described The Last of Us expert, I took the liberty of flagging them for you all. You are welcome! I am only human and may miss a few things, but I will do my best to

catch all the biggest and most subtle shout-outs to the game throughout Season 1 of the show. Over the course of the next several weeks, I will note important lines of dialogue

that are taken directly from the game, moments that allude to something from the games (I will try my best to stay spoiler-free), items in the background that are nods to the game

and much more. This list of Easter Eggs will be updated weekly following the East Coast premiere of each episode. So, if you found yourself wondering, “Was that part from

the video game?” you know where to come. Also, don’t miss my weekly recaps for a more in-depth look at each episode of the show.