WATCH: Hulu names release date for controversial The 1619 Project docuseries

Video streaming service Hulu announced Jan 26 as the release date for its docuseries on The 1619 Project, which is a controversial body of research, heavily criticized for

promoting Critical Race Theory. Two episodes, “Democracy” and “Race,” will debut the for series at once. They will be followed by “Music,” “Capitalism,” “Fear,” and

“Justice” titled after the essays found in the book by the same name authored by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and professor Nikole Hannah-Jones. Each week will bring two

episodes at a time. THE OTHER SLAVERY EXPOSES THE 1619 PROJECT'S FRAUD "You cannot tell the story of America without telling the story of black America," the

trailer's voiceover states. "We are the story of America." Its title comes from Hannah-Jones's alternative theory that America was founded in August 1619, when about 20

slaves were sold to the governor of the Virginia colony by a British privateer. Her essays go on to claim that slavery became central to the nation's history. "It’s not a

documentary about Black people, it’s a documentary series about America," Hannah-Jones explained to the Television Critics Tour on Saturday. "It offers a better understanding of

the country we live in.” Hannah-Jones claimed several production companies approached her about creating a documentary based off of her work. Ultimately Lionsgate won the

draw in association with One Story Up Productions, Harpo Films, and the New York Times.