What is the National Grid Scheme and why is the UK looking to start it now?

This evening (Monday, January 23), more than a million households will be switching off their electricity as one of the coldest days of the year approaches. Yes, you read

that right, many households with a smart meter will be switching off their heating between 5pm and 6pm tonight. This is because the National Grid will reward those who take

part in the big switch-off as part of the Demand Flexibility Service (DFS), in a bid to help prevent the nation’s supply from being overused. It is the first time the

National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) will be used and will be rewarding those who volunteer. The DFS allows the ESO to access additional flexibility when the

national demand is at its highest during peak winter days. What is the National Grid Scheme? The new scheme is an initiative to pay households to use less electricity,

with coal-fired power generators being put on standby. The scheme allows households with smart meters, who are already signed up to the initiative, to be offered discounts

when reducing their energy consumption. Two coal-fired power units may also be used and are on standby ready to generate if needs be.How can I save money on

energy? Around 26 energy suppliers are part of the National Grid Scheme, including EDF and Octopus Energy, which is lasting until March. Your energy supplier should

notify you if they are part of the scheme. This time, any customers should have been notified yesterday (January 22). You can only take part in the scheme if you have a

smart meter, as the grid needs to monitor your energy every 30 minutes.