Who's on strike this week, January 16-22?

There will be more strikes this week, affecting everything from transport in the capital to nursing staff. The strikes have continued despite PM Rishi Sunak’s

invitation to hold crunch talks with union leaders earlier this month. Industries and unions across the board continue to push for fairer pay as the cost of living

crisis stretches people’s finances to the limit. The PM had hoped the nurses strike in particular could be averted, but admitted he understood the NHS was under

pressure. Here’s what you need to know about the strikes this week (January 16-22)… Buses On Monday, January 16 and Thursday, January 19, Abellio bus

services in London will see further strikes. They have staged multiple walkouts in December 2022 and earlier dates in January over a pay dispute, and more are planned

this month. Which buses routes are affected by the strikes? TfL has said that the following daytime routes will be affected by strike action:

3 27 45 63 68 109 130 156 195 196 201 207 267 270 278 315 322 350 367 381 407 415 427 433 464 482 490 969 C10 E5 E7 E10 E11 H20 H25 H28 H26 P5 P13 R68 R70 S4 U5 U7 U9 The

night routes to be affected are: N3 N27 N63 N68 N109 N207 N381 Finally, the 24-hour routes set to be disrupted by strike action are: 24 111 159 285 344 345

Nurses For the first time in their 106 year history, tens of thousands of nurses belonging to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) took part in strikes in December 2022 to

demand fair pay and improved patient safety.