Why Leopard 2 Tanks Would Make 'Crucial' Difference: Retired Lt. General

Leopard 2 tanks could play a "crucial" role, not as an isolated tool in Ukraine's arsenal, but only as part of a combined arms operation, a retired Lieutenant General has

said. When asked on NewsNation on Sunday about how critical the Leopard 2 tanks would be for Kyiv's war effort, former Lt. Gen. Richard Newton called the German-made tanks

"much needed," but specifically as part of broader combined operations. Stressing he believed "strongly" that tanks would help with the "integrated capabilities" of

trained soldiers, the retired Lt. Gen. said the functioning of individual weapons systems alongside one another could "turn the tide." "The tanks themselves won't make a

crucial difference," Newton added. "What's crucial here is really creating a more effective, what we call, 'combined operations,' combined operations being more artillery, and

infantry, and air defense. Combined operations also would include the Bradley vehicles and the Stryker vehicles that are very significant, and we are actually going to provide

those." Germany has faced increasing pressure from NATO countries and allies to send the main battle tanks that Kyiv has long petitioned for. Poland had promised to

supply a small number of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine as part of an "international coalition," but Germany holds the export license for the tanks. This prevents other countries

sending the main battle tanks, which are held by more than a dozen armed forces in Europe, elsewhere without permission from Berlin. On Sunday, German foreign minister

Annalena Baerbock said that, although for "the moment the question has not been asked," Berlin "would not stand in the way" of Leopard 2 tanks rolling into Ukraine.